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Privacy Policy

The Domestic Violence Evidence Project (DV Evidence Project) is committed to protecting personal privacy and confidentiality. To uphold this commitment, the DV Evidence Project will not sell or license to any third party any personal contact information we receive from you. Any email/mailing addresses that we obtain by virtue of your involvement in the DV Evidence Project will be kept confidential unless we obtain your explicit permission to share it.

This commitment also extends to protecting the privacy of any communications we receive through our website. Any communications received through our website will be kept confidential and personally identifying information will not be used without your expressed written consent.

Among advocates and activists working to end violence against women, confidentiality and privacy courtesies are deeply respected, and they hold a high priority in many aspects of that work. The information contained in the resources shared on the DV Evidence Project website is, however, expressly intended to be publicly accessible. All DV Evidence Project users are therefore encouraged to remain sensitive to the public nature of their electronic communication, and to refrain from sharing information or materials they wish to be restricted to a particular audience.